?Keynote: Journey of the first Israeli Spacecraft to the moon!

Kfir Damari, Co-founder, SpaceIL

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??Keynote: Startup Nation- A Government Facilitating Innovation

Aharon Aharon, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority

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Keynote Chat: Innovation, Education, and the Human Capital

Dr. Yossi Vardi, Chairman DLD
Dr. Yaki Dayan, EdTech Israel

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Keynote: Education for the Future ? Knowledge is Not Enough


Saul Singer, Co-Author, Start-Up Nation

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Global Opportunities:

Investments, Market Trends, and Business Models

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AI and Personalization

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??Keynote Chat: Manuel Trajtenberg and Yariv Hasar, Amdocs

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg,

Tel Aviv University and Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion; Head of the Committee for Social and Economic Change 2011, a former member of the Knesset

Yariv Hasar, President, Development Division, Amdocs

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Focus on China

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Focus on India

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??Redefining Education –

New Paradigms, Israeli School & Youth Development

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Equitable Education, Social Businesses & Impact Investment

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Future of Work & Skills Gap

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